ICF Building -Insulated Concrete Forms


Plateau Building Group, Inc is now offering you an eco-friendly alternative for your home that is also cost effective. Our innovative ICF building techniques and experience with the materials allows us to contribute to make your home long lasting, be lower maintenance, including termite resistance, and more energy efficient. From solar hot water system, Radiant heat , to full ICF construction, we are able to implement high value and thoughtful upgrades to your Home.


Now offering you an eco-friendly alternative that is also cost-effective



The popularity of building homes with Insulated Concrete Forms ICFs seems to be providing the old adage true. Of course, for Plateau Building Group Inc management construction home builders, erecting forms and pouring concrete walls is nothing new. The advent of lightweight, stackable, interlocking forms which also incorporate interior and exterior insulation has opened the market  for ICFs for virtually all exterior wall application. The list of major homeowner benefits is impressive.


  • Strength: ICS walls from concrete’s inherent structural qualities, particularly important in regions affected by severe weather.


  • Lower Utility Bills: The combination of a continuous concrete wall plus the integral interior and exterior insulation provides super energy efficiency.


  • Indoor Environmental Quality: ICF energy efficiency translate into more even, consistent temperatures throughout the home. Outdoor pollutants can be kept to a minimum-particularly important to allergy sufferers. A fresh air exchanger (strongly recommended) helps regulate humidity in the home for maximum comfort.


  • Soundproofing: With several inches of concrete sandwiches by foam insulation, ICF homes are typically quieter than neighboring homes built.



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